Rann Of Kutch: India’s Assault On Human Dignity

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the edge of Western India, a lunar landscape glistens under the midday sun. There are no signs of life, only the muffled sound of crushed salt crystals under the feet of gobsmacked tourists. The Rann of Kutch is a seasonal salt marsh, and is the land of the Agariya people, who have lived here for […]

Is France Facing An Anti-Semitic Insurrection?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The escalating violence associated with the yellow vest demonstrations, coupled with the ever-increasing incoherence of their political and social demands raises the question of whether France is facing insurrection. What is more worrying however, is that this popular rebellion is being used as a pretext for violence and, more dangerously, for antisemitism. Both have nothing […]

“I Accuse…” – Questioning Our Parliaments On Climate Change


Reading Time: 5 minutes In September 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produced a concise document explaining to all governments the necessary measures to combat climate change – assuming, of course, that the governments do believe in climate change.     I don’t know whether I was more impressed by the sheer brilliance of Montagne’s rant than […]

A Nous La Petite Anglaise: La Djihadiste De L’Hotel ISIS


Reading Time: 4 minutes L’encrier de Charlie Hebdo à peine vidé à ce sujet, voici que la Cours pénale internationale de La Haye (CPI) (rien à voir avec Brigitte!) tient sa première candidate pour passer devant les tribunaux. Dans son coup-de-gueule intitulé, “les djihadistes, dans quel bac?” Gérard Biard a fait référence au rôle que pourrait jouer la CPI […]

Returning Jihadists Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shamima Begum deserves, like all Jihadists, not a criminal court hidden somewhere in the centre of London, but one that reflects the universality of the crimes she supports.      Europe faces a problem not only with migrants from worn-torn Islamic countries, but with returning Jihadists who, technically at least, are still European citizens. It’s an […]