You Shift If You Want To, Boris – The EU’s Not For Shifting


Reading Time: 4 minutes Boris Johnson is quickly gaining a reputation of being the most deluded and cynical prime minister ever. After having promised to build the Mancunians a Lego railway set for their troubles, he now insists that the bigwigs in Brussels change their tune by abandoning the damned Irish border so that the Brexit negotiations can be resumed […]

FRANCE: François de Rugy – Big Mac À L’Élysée


Reading Time: 3 minutes C’est navrant lorsque des ministres à court d’idées sont persécutés pour autre chose par le pays qu’ils tentent de gouverner. C’est comme si nous avions tous subit une attaque de moralité divine concernant le fait qu’ils font autre chose que de gouverner. La dernière victime de cette moralité démocratique visant le mode de vie somptueux […]

The Lost People Of Brexit


Reading Time: 3 minutes I came across a Facebook posting from a British citizen living in an EU-27 Member State. He, like most of us, is lost in the maze of truths, untruths, threats and reassurances that make up the Brexit jungle. It is a jungle that is rapidly turning into a morass and the continuing uncertainty is sinking […]