The Lost Girl Of Syria

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lost girl of Syria, Your heart shines as a diamond, Casting its spell in the desert storm, Shedding its tears over the trodden blades of grass, You asked for nothing and obtained less. Your love shines through a darkened skin, Your soul, entrapped in troubled times, Not knowing whether to escape or stay, Searches desperately […]

ROYAUME-UNI – Démocratie, Ferme Ta Gueule!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Oubliez les paroles réconfortantes de Boris Johnson qui nous rassure en nous promettant que les députés disposeront de suffisamment de temps pour éviter un Brexit sans accord. La prorogation du parlement britannique n’est rien d’autre qu’un affront à la démocratie. En retardant le discours de la reine jusqu’au 14 octobre, le premier ministre britannique ne […]

Boris Johnson: An Agitator Within The Law


Reading Time: 3 minutes Like it or not, Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament is perfectly legal. The Queen might very well have choked on her porridge, she gave the prime minister her blessing and paved the way for Parliament to be muted whilst Brexit is being irrevocably defined. It’s a sad state of affairs for UK democracy, of course, […]

“Mother Democracy, Shut The F*ck Up”


Reading Time: 3 minutes Forget about Boris Johnson’s comforting words reassuring us that MP’s will have sufficient time to do something about avoiding a no-deal Brexit, the prorogation of parliament is an affront to democracy. In delaying the Queen’s speech until October 14th, Johnson is doing nothing less that bypassing democracy. In shutting up Westminster, he has effectively forced […]

EU Must Resist Boris Johnson And His Tantrum


Reading Time: 3 minutes Negotiation is an art of give-and-take, and UK prime minister Boris Johnson wants to give nothing and take all. Johnson and his so skillfully skewed cabinet that is bent on a no-deal Brexit seem to forget that not so long ago he evaluated the chances of a no-deal Brexit as one in a million. Judging […]

Caught In The Net

Reading Time: < 1 minute A wonderful thing, the Internet. If you don’t let it catch up with you body and mess up your mind. Is it virtual reality or a real version of virtualness? Splitting the mind from the body you remain yourself only behind the comfort of a computer screen. Once on the other side, all hell breaks […]