Twitter And Fowl Language

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brexit instigator Arron Banks’ tweet where he jokingly writes that climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, is not exempt from a sailing accident whilst crossing the Atlantic on a “zero-emission” yacht, is yet another example of how public figures use Twitter to send the world messages that are both obnoxious and irrelevant. Banks insists that he […]

Niña perdida de Siria

Reading Time: < 1 minute Niña perdida de Siria, Tu corazón brilla como un diamante Lanzando su hechizo en la tormenta del desierto, Derramando sus lágrimas sobre las pisadas hojas de hierba, No pediste nada y obtuviste menos. Tu amor brilla a través de una piel oscura Tu alma, atrapada en tiempos difíciles, Sin saber si escapar o quedarse, Busca […]

PÉROU – Les Vacances De Monsieur Nulot


Reading Time: 4 minutes Alors que j’étais assis «confortablement» dans la construction en briques d’adobe que mes beaux-parents péruviens appellent «chez moi», j’éprouvais probablement davantage ce que l’on ressent au Pérou que n’importe quel touriste ayant visité le Machu Picchu. Je ne suis jamais allé à Machu Picchu et je n’ai pas l’intention de le faire. Une des raisons […]

Mister Nobody’s Holiday


Reading Time: 4 minutes As I sat “comfortably” in the adobe construction that my Peruvian parents in-law call “home,” I was probably tasting more of what it feels like to be in Peru than any tourist who has visited Machu Picchu can. I have never been to Machu Picchu and do not intend to do so. Part of the […]

Capturing The Souls Of The Incas – A Poem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Caught between two tectonic plates That slide seamlessly under the feet of unsuspecting crowds, A constant threat of crumbling houses and broken hearts, A cracked mirror that exposes souls, a deep vision of a setting sun, Children are playing in an improvised yard of crushed stones and hardened mud. They dream of somewhere else. As I […]