Who Am I? – “Know Thyself.” (Socrates)

July 2016


Hello everyone,

I’m a dentist working in The Netherlands and I’m very disappointed and angry with the outcome of the UK referendum over Europe.

This blog is like good cheese, it’s going to mature.

The EU is part of my life, part of me. I was born in the UK, have worked in France and now live in The Netherlands.

This blog is strictly philosophy, politics, and satire. Some posts are more serious than others depending on the subject matter. But, generally speaking, if I manage to make you smile or even laugh, I’ve achieved what I want to do. You see, I know that Brexit will probably affect YOU in the UK more than ME (unless they “unrecognise” my dental degree – they wouldn’t dare, would they?). So, if I can help you on your surrealistic voyage to Brexit with philosophy and humour, this blog will have served its purpose.

The blog is also helping me vent my profound anger and disappointment with the UK politicians.

I don’t belong to any political party even though my views are slightly left of centre. I have to thank the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas for that. But more of that later.

The link below relates how I feel about Brexit. It’s in Dutch. I wrote it in the days following the referendum result and it made me cry to realise how fond of the UK I am. Part of the text appears on my post directed at Boris Johnson.

Kind regards to all in the UK, and beyond…




January 2017,

Time flies, doesn’t it? Some of my earlier posts have disappeared, partly due to the fact that I have enlarged the scope of this blog (not everything is Brexit), but also because it probably turns out that I don’t have the legal rights to use the images that were posted. How many bloggers don’t care about that? Well, knowing my luck, I’d probably get caught. Even without images of UK politicians, I’ll still manage to take the mickey out of them during the Brexit negotiations. Not forgetting that Trump hasn’t even taken office yet.

Regards to you all, and thanks for reading