When The Face Mask Goes Viral

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are winners and losers in every walk of life, and a viral epidemic is no exception. The ongoing spread of the coronavirus has led to the tripling of the price of a face mask. Whereas a month ago, a box of 50 surgical face masks cost me less than 5 euros, I’m now having […]

La Vie En Rose – Domestic Violence Figures Shame France


Reading Time: 3 minutes Some national records are enviable, others are shameful. The official figures concerning domestic violence in France make for grim reading – a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every three days. France’s dismal record on domestic violence is certainly nothing to be proud of, but what is even more worrying is that the […]

SOCIÉTÉ – Les Mauvais Mots De Twitter


Reading Time: 3 minutes Le tweet d’Arron Banks, instigateur du Brexit, dans lequel il écrit en plaisantant que la militante qui lutte contre le changement climatique, Greta Thunberg, n’est pas à l’abri d’un accident de voile lors de sa traversée de l’Atlantique sur un yacht “émission zéro,” est un autre exemple de la façon dont des personnalités utilisent Twitter […]

On The Edge Of A “Sexual Ravine” – One Giant Leap Forwards For Womanhood


Reading Time: 6 minutes Most women find themselves constantly on the edge of a dangerous and ubiquitous “sexual ravine.” Those who fall into the trap of the ravine no longer see themselves as unique and valuable individuals. They possess a physical body that constantly requires an appearance corresponding to sexual criteria imposed by men. The ravine extracts from its […]