The Coronavirus Pandemic And Individual Responsibility


Reading Time: 4 minutes It is strange that what many people decry in our societies – loneliness – will probably save us from flirting with partial extinction. In confining the whole population of France to two weeks of house arrest, Emmanuel Macron has used one of the ills of present-day society so that we can all continue living together. […]

Coronavirus – Ethics And Rationality In Decision-Making


Reading Time: 5 minutes Implementation of restrictions in various European countries has made me realise to what extent we all took things for granted. Gone are the days where we could eat out, go to the cinema, or visit a museum, without thinking twice about it. But the coronavirus outbreak has also cast a shadow over my dental practice. […]

No Brain, And No Will – The Morality Of A Coronavirus


Reading Time: 3 minutes A few weeks into the coronavirus outbreak, and I’m affected. No, I haven’t caught the damn thing – luckily – but I’ll have to face the prospect, sooner or later, of running out of facemasks for my dental practice. Thanks to panic buying – even colleagues have been stocking up, it seems – my dental […]

La Vie En Rose – Domestic Violence Figures Shame France


Reading Time: 3 minutes Some national records are enviable, others are shameful. The official figures concerning domestic violence in France make for grim reading – a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every three days. France’s dismal record on domestic violence is certainly nothing to be proud of, but what is even more worrying is that the […]

Le Guide #MeToo Du Quartier Rouge d’Amsterdam


Reading Time: 7 minutes Dans le port d’Amsterdam Y a des marins qui boivent Et qui boivent et re-boivent Et qui re-boivent encore Ils boivent à la santé Des putains d’Amsterdam D’Hambourg ou d’ailleurs Enfin ils boivent aux dames Qui leur donnent leurs jolis corps Qui leur donnent leurs vertus Pour une pièce en or Et quand ils ont […]

SOCIÉTÉ – Les Mauvais Mots De Twitter


Reading Time: 3 minutes Le tweet d’Arron Banks, instigateur du Brexit, dans lequel il écrit en plaisantant que la militante qui lutte contre le changement climatique, Greta Thunberg, n’est pas à l’abri d’un accident de voile lors de sa traversée de l’Atlantique sur un yacht “émission zéro,” est un autre exemple de la façon dont des personnalités utilisent Twitter […]

On The Edge Of A “Sexual Ravine” – One Giant Leap Forwards For Womanhood


Reading Time: 6 minutes Most women find themselves constantly on the edge of a dangerous and ubiquitous “sexual ravine.” Those who fall into the trap of the ravine no longer see themselves as unique and valuable individuals. They possess a physical body that constantly requires an appearance corresponding to sexual criteria imposed by men. The ravine extracts from its […]