Your Dinner’s In The Dishwasher; I’ve Gone To See My Shrink


Reading Time: 3 minutes I suppose that it’s only right that you shouldn’t celebrate a divorce by chanting it on the streets. Especially when you haven’t yet agreed on who’s going to look after the kids, and who gets the cat that kept on being sick on the Persian rug. And then there’s the delicate question of the financial […]

Populism In Manchester

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boris Johnson was simply being himself at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. Full of energy and wild metaphors, he captured an already captive audience, sent Jeremy Corbyn into orbit and got Brexit done. All this, and more, with a panache that Cyrano de Bergerac would have been proud of and a sense of optimism […]

Franglais De Naissance – George Ou Georges?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Un article paru dans le journal britannique “The Observer” présente un documentaire réalisé par le journaliste et producteur français Benjamin Carle. Dans son documentaire, il tente de se mettre à la place d’un Anglais pour voir ce qu’il aime à propos des sujets de sa gracieuse Majesté et savoir s’il peut se considérer comme un […]

Three Men In A Vote – Cameron, Johnson, Gove (And Larry)

Reading Time: 4 minutes If we are going to play a blame game like David Cameron does in his memoirs, I would personally blame Mrs Pickleworth who lives in Sunderland, and the people like her who voted Leave in a frenzy of anti-European fantasies. She has never held a UK passport because the furthest that she has travelled is […]

Has Europe Lost Control Of Democracy?


Reading Time: 4 minutes Up to now it has been a harsh year for European politics. For the UK, Brexit has resulted in Westminster losing its grip on a political process and, if it is not careful, will also lose control over its representative democracy. Elsewhere in Europe, the populist AfD is progressing in Germany, the Italian coalition is […]

“Mother Democracy, Shut The F*ck Up”


Reading Time: 3 minutes Forget about Boris Johnson’s comforting words reassuring us that MP’s will have sufficient time to do something about avoiding a no-deal Brexit, the prorogation of parliament is an affront to democracy. In delaying the Queen’s speech until October 14th, Johnson is doing nothing less that bypassing democracy. In shutting up Westminster, he has effectively forced […]

Ann Widdecombe – Science May Cure Being Homosexual But Brexit Won’t Cure Being British


Reading Time: 3 minutes Ann Widdecombe’s rant at the European parliament was just about par for the course for someone so openly patronising and who firmly believes that science has the cure for homosexuality. I am all for vivid analogies, strong language, and somewhat controversial views. God knows my posts do tend to ramble on with poetic soliloquies and […]