Mark Rutte Patronizes The Dutch Dental Profession

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ll give Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte the benefit of the doubt. Here is a man under pressure because his entire liberal, easy-going vision of the world is being deep-frozen by a virus that’s even smaller than the smallest of viruses. In answer to a question on whether dentists could open their practices, Rutte patronizingly […]

Our Biggest Weakness Is To Think We Are Invincible


Reading Time: 4 minutes Weakness, is thinking of oneself as invincible. – Roberto Saviano   Exactly one month ago, I started cancelling appointments at my dental practice, following advice from the Dutch dental association to only treat acute emergencies, and avoid patients who have been tested positive for the coronavirus or who present symptoms, like the plague. We are […]

Reflections (2) – Lockdown


Reading Time: < 1 minute LOCKDOWN   A particle so small, shaped like a crown. A disease threatening to bring us down. And yet, in the distance, I find hope, a brilliance. I will march on into the daylight, I will endure and fight. Togetherness from you, is what I need, And on your love and compassion, I feed. The […]

Piangendo Per Te, Italia (Pleurant Pour Toi, Italie)


Reading Time: 3 minutes Alors que l’Italie se verrouille un peu plus, il semble que les italiens soient piégés dans un autocuiseur qui est sur le point d’exploser. J’essaie de penser à autre chose en regardant des vieilles émissions, sur YouTube, me rappelant ma jeunesse. Ce n’est pas de la nostalgie, mais cela me fait oublier mon cabinet dentaire […]