Death In The Family – Falling Into The Abyss Of Love, Distress, And Freedom

Following my father’s death, in 2012, I felt no grief because I had thought about his passing away for years, analysing the feelings I would have and coping with them. Was it anticipatory grief, without the symptoms? Was it a sense of detachment from my parents? Was I challenging moral standards, where grieving death is the […]

The Art Of Censorship, And The Censorship Of Art


MENU Film producers Jafar Panahi (Iran) and Wanuri Kahui (Kenya), A lady  “Blackface” who lost her heads (Réunion Island), A poem that got lost in the web, A painting that got lost in a gallery in Manchester, but found its way back. ….welcome to the world of art.   [beautifulquote align=”left” cite=””]Home, Sweet Home[/beautifulquote] Iranian film […]

POÉSIE: Le Feu Rouge/The Traffic Light

Version Française (Scroll down for English translation) Je vous regarde, Madame, assise sur votre vélo. Pourquoi êtes vous si pressée? Transpirez-vous de ce rendez-vous illicite? Je les connais les trompeuses, Elles laissent la marque du rouge sur le visage des hommes, Et portent en elles l’odeur de la trahison, Sous une eau ruisselante vous serez celle qui n’est […]