Women Of Solicitude – Clapping Carers Is Nice, Rewarding Them Is Better


Reading Time: 3 minutes If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us one thing, it is to appreciate the true value of all the dedicated women nurses and carers, who are bearing the brunt of the viral attack, in a courageous attempt to save lives and protect those in need. These women do this every day, regardless of whether there […]

FRANCE: Violences Conjugales – Un Mal Gaulois?


Reading Time: 3 minutes Certains records nationaux sont enviables, d’autres honteux. Les chiffres officiels concernant les violences conjugales en France font froid dans le dos: une femme est tuée par son partenaire ou son ex-partenaire tous les trois jours. Ce qui est encore plus inquiétant, c’est que les chiffres officiels ne reflètent peut-être que la partie visible de l’iceberg […]

La Vie En Rose – Domestic Violence Figures Shame France


Reading Time: 3 minutes Some national records are enviable, others are shameful. The official figures concerning domestic violence in France make for grim reading – a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every three days. France’s dismal record on domestic violence is certainly nothing to be proud of, but what is even more worrying is that the […]

Sexism And Wine – When Colombelle Meets Adam


Reading Time: 3 minutes It could have been much worse for Colombelle, our sweet little white wine tasting of exotic fruit and wild flowers. Instead of meeting up with Adam, a respectable red, she could have suffered the displeasure of having to pass the best part of the evening with an Arrogant Frog.    Discrimination starts in the vineyards, […]

Le Guide #MeToo Du Quartier Rouge d’Amsterdam


Reading Time: 7 minutes Dans le port d’Amsterdam Y a des marins qui boivent Et qui boivent et re-boivent Et qui re-boivent encore Ils boivent à la santé Des putains d’Amsterdam D’Hambourg ou d’ailleurs Enfin ils boivent aux dames Qui leur donnent leurs jolis corps Qui leur donnent leurs vertus Pour une pièce en or Et quand ils ont […]