Black Lives Matter In A Land Of Hope And Glory


Reading Time: 3 minutes You’re at it again, aren’t you? Playing mind games with traditions, tearing up musical scripts and peeling off black make-up on white people’s faces. I got used to seeing Black Peter roaming the streets of Dutch towns and cities, distributing marzipan tasting biscuits to smiling children. The children believed; the children loved. There was no […]

Jair Bolsonaro – The Plonker From Brazil


Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ll be honest and say that I actually missed Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, enlightening us on the importance of being ill. I spend half my time trying to understand how the Dutch ministry for health manages to convince us that the pandemic is showing signs of stabilising whilst, at the same time, publishing figures […]

Coronavirus – Ethics And Rationality In Decision-Making


Reading Time: 5 minutes Implementation of restrictions in various European countries has made me realise to what extent we all took things for granted. Gone are the days where we could eat out, go to the cinema, or visit a museum, without thinking twice about it. But the coronavirus outbreak has also cast a shadow over my dental practice. […]

Your Dinner’s In The Dishwasher; I’ve Gone To See My Shrink


Reading Time: 3 minutes I suppose that it’s only right that you shouldn’t celebrate a divorce by chanting it on the streets. Especially when you haven’t yet agreed on who’s going to look after the kids, and who gets the cat that kept on being sick on the Persian rug. And then there’s the delicate question of the financial […]

BREXIT – Nous Nous Reverrons Un Jour, Mais Je Ne Sais Ni Quand, Ni Comment


Reading Time: 3 minutes Il est temps de dire au revoir. Le Brexit est devenu réalité. Nous nous sommes battus pour essayer de te persuader de rester, mais ta décision est irrévocable. Tu quittes la maison qui était à toi et tu fermes la porte. Mais le pire, c’est que tu aurais pu changer l’Union. Oui toi. Partie intégrante […]

Who Needs A Family When You’ve Got Friends? Oh, Sorry – I Ain’t Got Those Either!


Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s a real curse, isn’t it. Family, I mean. Harry and Meghan have my deepest sympathy because I know exactly how they feel. Here’s a royal saga that I can easily relate to. Only for me, it was the other way around. Instead of leaving my family, it’s my family who left me! You just […]