Brexit – Turning A Blind Eye To The Blind


Reading Time: 2 minutes The message to come out from the UK general election is loud and clear. Parliament has passed the withdrawal agreement and Brexit will happen on 31 January. Three and a half years of bickering and both the UK and the EU will leave the divorce courtroom and go their separate ways. Never mind about the […]

La France Accepterait-Elle Un “Backstop” Corse?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Les commentaires d’un lord anglais lors de l’émission Newsnight de la BBC ont jeté un doute sérieux sur la capacité qu’ont les anglais soutenant le Brexit de comprendre vraiment ce qui se passe, notamment en Irlande du Nord. Au sujet du fameux “backstop” irlandais, Lord Peter Lilley a suggéré que si la France quittait l’UE, […]

Lord Lilley’s Remarkable Comment – France Would Reject A Corsica Backstop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lord Peter Lilley’s comments, on the BBC’s Newsnight programme, cast serious doubts as to whether politicians supporting Brexit really understand what is going on, especially concerning Northern Ireland. On the subject of the Irish backstop, he suggested that if France were to leave the EU, the beautiful island of Corsica would not tolerate a border […]