Election Fraud, Donald? – My Postal Vote Was Legit!


Reading Time: 2 minutes Donald Trump, what are you moaning about? How can the American presidential election be rigged when I voted for you by post? Yes, me – a British/French citizen living in a country that’s neither British nor French, and certainly not American. Come on Donald, let’s be serious about this. You must count your blessings. How […]

Emily In Paris – Hard Truths The French Don’t Like


Reading Time: 4 minutes Critical reviews can really help boost your audience. Having read a ratter of a review that told me in no uncertain words that Emily In Paris (Netflix) was not worth the number of pixels it contained, I gave it a go. Just the first episode, mind you. That’s what I did last weekend – started […]

Monty Python’s Flying Virus

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can I not comment on the brilliance of the Dutch and UK government’s strides against a tiny little virus that’s causing more mayhem than Theresa May and David Cameron ever dreamed of; and Donald Trump’s infection with a mutant coronavirus that makes you look and feel 20 years younger without the need to quarantine. […]

Black Lives Matter In A Land Of Hope And Glory


Reading Time: 3 minutes You’re at it again, aren’t you? Playing mind games with traditions, tearing up musical scripts and peeling off black make-up on white people’s faces. I got used to seeing Black Peter roaming the streets of Dutch towns and cities, distributing marzipan tasting biscuits to smiling children. The children believed; the children loved. There was no […]

Spice Girl Sex – Bend It Like (Victoria) Beckham


Reading Time: 3 minutes Having dipped her magic fingers into the lucrative business of music and fashion, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is now venturing into another domain that defines what it means to be human – sex. And it’s all fun and games and is a feminine answer to macho’s sex dolls. So girls, watch out for the […]

Sorry Mum, I Think Dad’s Had Sex With Someone Else Again


Reading Time: 4 minutes You learn a lot of things watching television and reading newspapers. I’ve just finished watching the first series of Doctor Foster, a BBC drama series featuring a rather elegant senior GP and her mug of a husband. She would have forgiven him having a sex affair with a twenty-three-year-old dumb blond – an affair that […]