As I look into her eyes, Noticing the reflection of her soul, I fear the worst has yet to come, When our gaze will part, When our hands will lose touch. How fragile we are, How ephemeral our lives, When mother nature decides it all, When the violent rain and hurricane winds Let us know […]

SOCIÉTÉ – Les Mauvais Mots De Twitter


Le tweet d’Arron Banks, instigateur du Brexit, dans lequel il écrit en plaisantant que la militante qui lutte contre le changement climatique, Greta Thunberg, n’est pas à l’abri d’un accident de voile lors de sa traversée de l’Atlantique sur un yacht “émission zéro,” est un autre exemple de la façon dont des personnalités utilisent Twitter […]

Twitter And Fowl Language

Brexit instigator Arron Banks’ tweet where he jokingly writes that climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, is not exempt from a sailing accident whilst crossing the Atlantic on a “zero-emission” yacht, is yet another example of how public figures use Twitter to send the world messages that are both obnoxious and irrelevant. Banks insists that he […]

Capturing The Souls Of The Incas

Caught between two tectonic plates That slide seamlessly under the feet of unsuspecting crowds, A constant threat of crumbling houses and broken hearts, A cracked mirror that exposes souls, a deep vision of a setting sun, Children are playing in an improvised yard of crushed stones and hardened mud. They dream of somewhere else. As I […]