Reflections (1) – Gazing Into A Mirror

Sitting opposite you, I have the unnerving impression of gazing into a mirror,

Where the reflection of my face is conspicuously absent.

We are so obviously different, you and I.

But at the same time, we are mirror images.

We have, dare I say, the same differences.

We run away from the shadows belonging to who we were,

In a desperate attempt to be different.

We have a past that is hidden and a future that we cannot yet see.

Both are no different to the present.

But only the present is visible, before it disappears into the future.

You and I are separated by a candle light and a piece of linen on a table.

We are united by our similitudes that differ with every passing second of fleeting dreams.

We toast our infinite love and speak of the future. 

We are so alike, you and I.

But appearances can be deceptive. Identical snowflakes may not be all they seem.

Colours and forms enchant and deceive.

I gaze into your eyes and see beyond the heavens,

The crystal horizon of your soul deprives me of all notions of time and space.

I am lost in everlasting regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Who will you be and who was I?

I am no longer me, and not yet you.

But you and I both know that we are reticent to change.