Corona’s Cloud


As she lingers in our streets below,
“R” less than “ONE,” more than “ZERO,”
I hear her cry out loud,
“I remain your darkest cloud.”

She did not ask to find Man,
But was disturbed in Wuhan.
The delicate balance of nature,
Ripped to threaten our future.

“Do what?” I hear you ask,
Your lips move under your mask.
“Respect nature,” I say, “and she will respect you.
All is not free, and much will be due.
Our children will pay the price,
Not once, not twice, but thrice.”

But I hear a discordant voice,
You and others rejoice,
Is lockdown a thing of the past?
Has Corona been vanquished, at last?

“No,” she says. “ I am still a cloud,
And can descend into the crowd,
Beware, those who do not distance,
I will always have a second chance.”

Corona does not live with you,
You live with her, through and through.