Sexual Violence Under The Steeple – Child Abuse In The French Catholic Church


My Dearest Child,

Let me come. Sit on my knee, my child. Let me teach you the deeper meaning of the Holy Text, and only when you have finished providing me with the pleasure of the flesh that I seek, will I let you go. I don’t expect you to find answers to your questions of why and how. I don’t expect you to even remember my words. But I am sure that deep in your adulthood, and deeper in your soul, you will remember me. Caught between revelation and damnation, you were filled with moral metaphors, you felt the warmth of my hands, smelled the incense that is embedded in my tunic. And deep into the night, you tossed and turned, unleashing beads of shameful sweat, thinking over and over again what I did to choose you and what you did to be chosen. The answer is simple. I wanted you to follow the word of our Lord, and ended up by just wanting you. My child, you are not to blame. You were chosen simply because you were there.

Let me forgive you your trespasses, lead you not into temptation, for I am the true messenger carrying His words, delivering His message. I was your Father, you were my Son, and through the Holy Spirit, we became one. Our bodies were caught by a transcendental force, a force that blew its way through your body and mine. Didn’t you understand that at the time? Why now this sudden hate? Why now this sudden cleansing of a deeply soiled soul?

Let me assure you. Your soul is not soiled. You have participated in the union of God and his followers. Through my body, you have reached His body. Through my thoughts, you have reached His thoughts. You will be grateful of this, in your afterlife. You will reach the highest heavenly peaks and look down on those who were less fortunate than  you. Those who did not believe, who never went, who refused to be touched by the hand of God.

Let me promise you this. I cannot undo what has been done, rub out the wrong interpretation of Holy Scriptures that nobody wrote and everybody reads. But I can promise you that this will not happen again – not to you.

I am truly sorry for what I have done. But the words of the Lord are without end, and His thoughts are eternal. He teaches us to forget and forgive. And that, my child, is all you need to do. It is what our Lord would have done.


A French Catholic priest.