French Press (2) – A Coffee Drinker’s View On The French Presidential Election

Reading Time: 3 minutes (II) Marine Le Pen’s Splitting Headache Over Europe   The situation at the Whirlpool plant, situated in the northern town of Amiens, underscores the nature of the combat between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. The fact that the American owners want to relocate the plant in Poland, is, for Le Pen, the epitome of […]

Why You Should All Vote For Jeremy Corbyn

Reading Time: 5 minutes Plato And Jeremy Corbyn: “Whose Idea Was This Anyway?”     With the June election rapidly approaching, I’m going to dedicate a post to the current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. I know that my views don’t matter one iota, and, what’s more, I cannot even vote. Well, that should make you listen […]

French Press – A Coffee Drinker’s View On The French Presidential Election

Reading Time: 3 minutes A series of short posts highlighting interesting points arising during the final countdown to the French presidential election.   (I) – Storm in a “Whirlpool”   It’s what we call “l’entre deux tours” (between the two rounds) of the French presidential election. And I can just sit back behind my computer and relax. All I […]

France Can Accept The Truth, But Cannot Stand The Lies

Reading Time: 6 minutes Mes enfants, it’s fast approaching squeaky bum time in France, with the first round of the 2017 presidential election due on the 23rd April. The political situation in France is, as I see it, similar to that of 2002, when far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of present-day Marine, reached the second round to everybody’s […]

Pays-Bas: Même Une Politique du Centre Peut Etre Cool

Reading Time: 5 minutes A droite…la gauche Le résultat des élections parlementaires du 15 mars aux Pays-Bas, est une victoire pour le premier ministre actuel, Mark Rutte. Bien que son parti, le VVD, demeure le plus grand parti politique du pays, malgré sa régression en termes du nombre de sièges obtenus, Rutte peut rencontrer des difficultés lors de la […]

Piggy-In-The-Middle: Even Centre-Ground Politics Can Be Cool

Reading Time: 5 minutes The result of the Dutch parliamentary elections, that took place on Wednesday 15th March, is a victory for the current prime minister, Mark Rutte. Although his party, the VVD, remain the largest political party in the Netherlands despite losing 8 parliamentary seats, Mark Rutte may face difficulties in forming a working coalition. It is probable […]

“Erdogan, Leave Your Bloody Politics At Home…”


Reading Time: 7 minutes In prohibiting entry to two senior Turkish politicians, the Netherlands has sparked a serious dispute with Turkey. The decision not to allow Turkish politics to be officially expressed on Dutch soil can only be justified if the decision to do so is based on moral principles that can be as universally applied as possible, and […]