Your Dinner’s In The Dishwasher; I’ve Gone To See My Shrink


Reading Time: 3 minutes I suppose that it’s only right that you shouldn’t celebrate a divorce by chanting it on the streets. Especially when you haven’t yet agreed on who’s going to look after the kids, and who gets the cat that kept on being sick on the Persian rug. And then there’s the delicate question of the financial […]

Johnson’s EU Letter – Brussels, Brussel Or Bruxelles?


Reading Time: 3 minutes Boris Johnson is being forced into writing a very difficult letter to the EU, starting with the envelope. Does he know that there are three different ways you can spell the Belgian capital  – Brussels, Brussel, and Bruxelles. Complicated, isn’t it. Well not really, because Brexit can be solved if Donald Tusk loses the letter […]

Lord Lilley’s Remarkable Comment – France Would Reject A Corsica Backstop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lord Peter Lilley’s comments, on the BBC’s Newsnight programme, cast serious doubts as to whether politicians supporting Brexit really understand what is going on, especially concerning Northern Ireland. On the subject of the Irish backstop, he suggested that if France were to leave the EU, the beautiful island of Corsica would not tolerate a border […]

The Day Theresa May Insulted My Identity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Never underestimate the power of words because their psychological impact can be quite disturbing. The day after the EU referendum I felt, like many, that my whole world had changed. Having been born in the UK where I obtained my professional qualification, moved to France in 1984 and living in the Netherlands since 1999, my […]