Emily In Paris – Hard Truths The French Don’t Like


Reading Time: 4 minutes Critical reviews can really help boost your audience. Having read a ratter of a review that told me in no uncertain words that Emily In Paris (Netflix) was not worth the number of pixels it contained, I gave it a go. Just the first episode, mind you. That’s what I did last weekend – started […]

Film Review: “Skybound” – Such A Shame They Weren’t Grounded


Reading Time: 3 minutes Skybound (2017) Director: Alex Tavakoli   There are few airplanes that I wish to be indefinitely grounded, but the private jet appearing in the blockbuster movie Skybound is certainly one of them. If only ground control had checked the acting skills of the pilots and the security settings of the script, the movie would never […]

Film Review: “I Am Mother” – When A.I. Meets Immanuel Kant


Reading Time: 2 minutes Film Title: I Am Mother (2019) (Netflix) Director: Grant Sputore   I’m not really a science-fiction fan and you can probably count the number of sci-fi films that I actually enjoyed and/or understood, with the fingers of one hand. My list is finite but does include Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters which is certainly one of […]

Film Review: “Son Of Saul” – A Vision Of Hell


Reading Time: 3 minutes Film Title: Son of Saul (2015) Director: László Nemes   May 4th is a national remembrance day in the Netherlands. The entire country pays its respect to those who died in WWII and more recent conflicts, all in the name of freedom. Supermarkets close at 7.00 pm and, an hour later, a two-minute silence is observed. […]

Film Review: “Carmen And Lola” – Coming Out As Gay In Repressive Romani Culture


Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a familiar theme relating the attitude that we have as a society, and men in particular, concerning women. It’s a theme that revolves around well-known clichés, but that we will never get tired of seeing. We must certainly never get tired of facing the truth about what it is to be a woman. We […]

Film Review: “The Conductor” – When Women Direct Men To The Sound Of Music

Reading Time: 6 minutes Film – The Conductor (Dutch title: De Dirigent), directed by Maria Peters (2018)   You’re either born a musician or you’re born not a musician. It has nothing to do with gender. – Antonia Brico     She was meant to get happily married and have lots of children, but her passion for music told her […]

Jafar Panahi: “3 Faces” – The Sounding Of Iranian Traditional Values

Reading Time: 3 minutes Banned Iranian film producer, Jafar Panahi, has managed to cast criticism on traditional Iranian values, without actually doing so. What he did was extremely clever and comprised a particular way of filming, by which we ended up literally accompanying him, and actress Behnaz Jafari, on an outing deep into the Iranian mountains. Deceptively simple, the […]

“Beauty Isn’t Everything, It’s The Only Thing.”


Reading Time: 5 minutes Horror films are really not my genre, but I do admit that if the storyline is good, and the special effects not too distasteful, they can make for compelling viewing. With aspiring model, Jesse, moving to Los Angeles, and getting gobbled up by predatory beauties, Nicolas Refn’s 2016 film, “The Neon Demon”, certainly underscores my […]