Mon Trésor Inca


Je t’ai vu traverser la neige fragile, Je t’ai aidé à franchir le lac de cristal. Et lorsque tu t’es approchée de moi d’un sommet andin, Pour me balayer de l’océan sans fin, Comme un message dans une bouteille, Comme un trésor sur un bateau, Une pépite d’or provenant des Incas, Tu me laisses saisir […]

Death In The Family – Falling Into The Abyss Of Love, Distress, And Freedom

Following my father’s death, in 2012, I felt no grief because I had thought about his passing away for years, analysing the feelings I would have and coping with them. Was it anticipatory grief, without the symptoms? Was it a sense of detachment from my parents? Was I challenging moral standards, where grieving death is the […]

Cold Justice: “The Red Pullover” – Part II: The Trial


On 6th November 1975, Christian Ranucci was officially charged with the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Marie-Dolorès Rembla, in June 1974. The official investigation was characterised by numerous “potential” irregularities, including the “rejection” of a last-minute testimony from a witness favouring Ranucci’s innocence. The two major controversies related to the investigation were Ranucci’s sudden U-turn on […]