Election Fraud, Donald? – My Postal Vote Was Legit!


Donald Trump, what are you moaning about? How can the American presidential election be rigged when I voted for you by post? Yes, me – a British/French citizen living in a country that’s neither British nor French, and certainly not American.

Come on Donald, let’s be serious about this. You must count your blessings. How many people on this small blue planet manage to live scot-free in a big white house with a rose garden? How many people in this cybernetic world have 88,5 million followers on Twitter? By the way, you could make an effort by returning the favour and following more, yourself. Are there only 50 Twitter accounts you’re interested in?

In some ways, you remind me of my brother who used to kick the Monopoly board when he found out he was losing. He did insist on the importance of owning the two most expensive properties and letting me buy up the rest of the board. Rather like you, in a way – concentrating on the economy and letting your entire population catch Corona.

But knowing you, and judging from the way you recovered from an infection that, with your risk factors, was more deadly than benign, I’m sure you’ll think of something. In fact, you already have. You made sure the Supreme Court seats were seated on by your buddies. Just in case, of course. Will they take into account the lack of evidence for a rigged election? What’s evidence between friends? And if you don’t trust your friends, just drag the election on for as long as possible. Let’s stop counting in the states you’re losing and call it a draw. That’s fair enough. And if that doesn’t work, let’s have recounts, and double check those. Given time – and you’ve got plenty of that until the polling stations open again – who knows, when this is all finished, we may be well into the next presidential election campaign with you as a front-runner. And please, let’s dispense with the postal voting next time. What an archaic concept, anyway. Much better to do it via the computer. No chance of fraud there.

Anyway, Donald, like when you receive a Christmas present you’ll never use, it’s the thought that counts. And you think you’ve won a second term. You said so yourself when you defied the nation’s democracy, in the same way you defy the Corona virus and global warming. To be honest, I’ll miss you Donald, because the next president of the US seems awfully boring. If he’s anything like his supporters who stay at home in front of the TV instead of going to the polling stations, we’re in for a treat for the next four years. But who cares about democracy in any case. It’s an outdated concept that even the great Socrates thought was rubbish because people were trash.

You have a certain class and style that will be greatly missed on the world stage. Your knowledge of global affairs, together with your mastery of human psychology, makes you a world leader hard to replace. It’s just a shame that with Corona, we’ll never know if your handshake is as strong now as it was when you went into office.