Heerlijke Nieuwe Wereld

Reading Time: 2 minutes De vacuümverzegelde kledingkast ging open toen de wekker om zeven uur ging. Het was dinsdag – tijd om het blauwe driedelige pak met de groene das te dragen. De kledingkast wist het en presenteerde me zonder aarzelen de kleren, allemaal netjes verpakt in cellofaan. Ik heb de groene sticker gecontroleerd die nog intact was. De […]

Safe New World


Reading Time: 2 minutes My son entered the room, sanitized his hands, rinsed his mouth with chlorhexidine, and jumped on the bed to kiss his mother. It was a safe new world.     The vacuum-sealed wardrobe opened when the alarm clock struck seven. It was Tuesday – time to wear the blue three-piece suit with the green tie. […]

Joan Of Arc And The Little Prince

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joan of Arc, having liberated France from English occupation in the 15th century, has become a symbol of ultra-nationalism expressed by  the French National Front Party. The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a poetic tale, in which a pilot stranded in the desert meets a young prince fallen to Earth from a […]