Silly Old Bag!!

bag sac

Reading Time: 3 minutes This post is going to be sexist and…short. Having seen a picture of The Queen in an upmarket newspaper, I ask myself the following existential question – what the hell does she carry in her handbag? I admit that I used to walk around the street with my own personal handbag – a doggy bag […]

Women In Morocco Have Become Outlaws


Reading Time: 2 minutes The following is my translation of an emotional piece written by Moroccan novelist Leïla Slimani and film director Sonia Tarrab. It was signed by more 470 Moroccans – mostly women – and published in the French newspaper “Le Monde” on 23rd September. The piece asks for the Moroccan legislation regarding sexuality to evolve with the […]

Twitter And Fowl Language

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brexit instigator Arron Banks’ tweet where he jokingly writes that climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, is not exempt from a sailing accident whilst crossing the Atlantic on a “zero-emission” yacht, is yet another example of how public figures use Twitter to send the world messages that are both obnoxious and irrelevant. Banks insists that he […]

Wreckless Driving: Unequality In Front Of The Law


Reading Time: 2 minutes Actor Steven Coogan has had a six-month driving ban reduced to 2 months, after having successfully argued that it was inconceivable that his TV character Alan Partridge be seen on public transport. I have received several fines for driving above the speed limit, but never in built-up areas. There is no points system in the […]