Twitter And Fowl Language

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brexit instigator Arron Banks’ tweet where he jokingly writes that climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, is not exempt from a sailing accident whilst crossing the Atlantic on a “zero-emission” yacht, is yet another example of how public figures use Twitter to send the world messages that are both obnoxious and irrelevant. Banks insists that he […]

Wreckless Driving: Unequality In Front Of The Law


Reading Time: 2 minutes Actor Steven Coogan has had a six-month driving ban reduced to 2 months, after having successfully argued that it was inconceivable that his TV character Alan Partridge be seen on public transport. I have received several fines for driving above the speed limit, but never in built-up areas. There is no points system in the […]

Why Can’t I Be A Famous Moronic YouTuber?


Reading Time: 8 minutes I used not to mind YouTubers. Now I do. I suppose that I’m just jealous of a YouTuber who has 6 times more followers than inhabitants in the Netherlands.   The bottom line is that I’m probably jealous of every single YouTuber. How I would love to have 98,457,085 subscribers to my blog. I’ve given up […]

How An Airline Makes It Crystal Clear That I’m A Loser!


Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you noticed how when you board the bigger inter-continental aircrafts, you always have to go through the business class before you take out your reading glasses to evaluate the smallness of your economy seat that you cannot find in the first place? I have my own theory on this, a theory that is mine […]

Lost in Translation: Why Migrants Should Remain Foreign


Reading Time: 5 minutes Boris Johnson has publicly stated that all migrants in the UK should not only learn English but also “feel” British. He obviously knows nothing of how it feels to be part of two cultures, however similar they are. Whereas the acquisition of your adopted country’s language is paramount, the feeling of citizenship is not. In […]

If Climate Change Doesn’t Kill Us, Selfishness Will


Reading Time: 5 minutes Having had an umptienth encounter with human selfishness, a recurring question haunts my mind. Namely, why are people so selfish and inconsiderate towards others? It’s a rhetorical question in a way because I already know the answer and, if I think carefully about it, I am part of the question. But the more I think […]