Why Do People Comment On A Post They Haven’t Read?


Reading Time: 3 minutes When going through my site’s statistics, I came across a surprising fact concerning the behaviour of those who, according to the numbers, visit pages that contain my latest posts. According to the statistics that are provided by the hosting site, for every 100 visitors, 86 remain on the page for no more than 30 seconds. […]

Notre-Dame De Paris – This Old Lady Is Not For Burning

Reading Time: 4 minutes On the night of the fire, the emotion shown by president Macron during his short television statement in front of Notre-Dame spoke louder than the cathedral’s bells, as his tears were not so far away. A part of Paris was burning, and it’s a blaze that should affect us all. It underscores the fragility of history, […]

Thierry Baudet – The Dark Apparition of The Owl Of Minerva In The Netherlands

Reading Time: 5 minutes The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk – Hegel   Elections took place in the Netherlands’ 12 provinces last month, where the voters were called to reelect the provincial councils, responsible for daily administration of the provinces. An important role of the provincial councils is the election of […]

Film Review: “Carmen And Lola” – Coming Out As Gay In Repressive Romani Culture


Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a familiar theme relating the attitude that we have as a society, and men in particular, concerning women. It’s a theme that revolves around well-known clichés, but that we will never get tired of seeing. We must certainly never get tired of facing the truth about what it is to be a woman. We […]