Wreckless Driving: Unequality In Front Of The Law


Reading Time: 2 minutes Actor Steven Coogan has had a six-month driving ban reduced to 2 months, after having successfully argued that it was inconceivable that his TV character Alan Partridge be seen on public transport. I have received several fines for driving above the speed limit, but never in built-up areas. There is no points system in the […]

MONDE – Les États-fusils d’Amérique


Reading Time: 4 minutes L’Amérique est un pays violent et la disponibilité généralisée des armes à feu est juste un symptôme de cette violence inhérente.   L’Amérique ne doit plus être un pays où tout est permis, où il n’y a pas de limites et où les valeurs morales se plient aux considérations financières et à l’influence politique.   […]

On The Edge Of A “Sexual Ravine” – One Giant Leap Forwards For Womanhood


Reading Time: 6 minutes Most women find themselves constantly on the edge of a dangerous and ubiquitous “sexual ravine.” Those who fall into the trap of the ravine no longer see themselves as unique and valuable individuals. They possess a physical body that constantly requires an appearance corresponding to sexual criteria imposed by men. The ravine extracts from its […]

Why Can’t I Be A Famous Moronic YouTuber?


Reading Time: 8 minutes I used not to mind YouTubers. Now I do. I suppose that I’m just jealous of a YouTuber who has 6 times more followers than inhabitants in the Netherlands.   The bottom line is that I’m probably jealous of every single YouTuber. How I would love to have 98,457,085 subscribers to my blog. I’ve given up […]

So What, Ambassador – Isabel Had Sex And Then Took A Leak


Reading Time: 3 minutes No one was much bothered by what had been leaked. Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the US, had only reported back what had long been obvious to the entire world: that Donald Trump was vain and inept and ran a wholly dysfunctional administration. It was the sort of email that anyone might send after watching […]