Le Guide #MeToo Du Quartier Rouge d’Amsterdam


Reading Time: 7 minutes Dans le port d’Amsterdam Y a des marins qui boivent Et qui boivent et re-boivent Et qui re-boivent encore Ils boivent à la santé Des putains d’Amsterdam D’Hambourg ou d’ailleurs Enfin ils boivent aux dames Qui leur donnent leurs jolis corps Qui leur donnent leurs vertus Pour une pièce en or Et quand ils ont […]

On The Edge Of A “Sexual Ravine” – One Giant Leap Forwards For Womanhood


Reading Time: 6 minutes Most women find themselves constantly on the edge of a dangerous and ubiquitous “sexual ravine.” Those who fall into the trap of the ravine no longer see themselves as unique and valuable individuals. They possess a physical body that constantly requires an appearance corresponding to sexual criteria imposed by men. The ravine extracts from its […]

Ann Widdecombe – Science May Cure Being Homosexual But Brexit Won’t Cure Being British


Reading Time: 3 minutes Ann Widdecombe’s rant at the European parliament was just about par for the course for someone so openly patronising and who firmly believes that science has the cure for homosexuality. I am all for vivid analogies, strong language, and somewhat controversial views. God knows my posts do tend to ramble on with poetic soliloquies and […]

CINEMA: “Désobéissance” – Un Film Froid Sur Un Amour Chaud


Reading Time: 4 minutes Désobéissance est un film fascinant et magnifique sur la transgression de deux femmes dans une société plus que conservatrice dirigée par les hommes et la religion. Rien de nouveau me direz-vous, mais c’est ce manque de nouveauté qui rend le film encore meilleur. C’est un mélodrame auquel tout le monde peut et doit s’identifier. Le […]

Femicide In Europe – A Question Of Manhood

Reading Time: 3 minutes The victims all had a Christian name – Suzanne, Ingrid, Florence, Catherine… Most had a job – schoolteacher, bank employee, secretary… They all had parents, friends, neighbours, and many had children. Their Christian names are our names and their jobs are our jobs. We too, have parents, friends, and for many of us, children. For […]

Film Review: “Carmen And Lola” – Coming Out As Gay In Repressive Romani Culture


Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a familiar theme relating the attitude that we have as a society, and men in particular, concerning women. It’s a theme that revolves around well-known clichés, but that we will never get tired of seeing. We must certainly never get tired of facing the truth about what it is to be a woman. We […]

Domestic Violence – Because It Was Her, Because It Was Me…

Reading Time: 5 minutes A 31-year-old French woman, known as “ Aïda,” has been found partially responsible for her paraplegia, after having  returned home to her companion, whilst knowing that he was violent – having been victim to domestic violence in the past – and despite police advice not to do so. The couple had no home of their […]