Lord Lilley’s Remarkable Comment – France Would Reject A Corsica Backstop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lord Peter Lilley’s comments, on the BBC’s Newsnight programme, cast serious doubts as to whether politicians supporting Brexit really understand what is going on, especially concerning Northern Ireland. On the subject of the Irish backstop, he suggested that if France were to leave the EU, the beautiful island of Corsica would not tolerate a border […]

The Day Theresa May Insulted My Identity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Never underestimate the power of words because their psychological impact can be quite disturbing. The day after the EU referendum I felt, like many, that my whole world had changed. Having been born in the UK where I obtained my professional qualification, moved to France in 1984 and living in the Netherlands since 1999, my […]

ROYAUME-UNI: Les Revenants – La Politique Sombre de Boris Johnson

Reading Time: 3 minutes Le conseil de Boris Johnson au parlement britannique sur la meilleure façon de rendre hommage Jo Cox est tout simplement honteux. Jo Cox, députée du Labour, a été brutalement assassinée lors de la campagne référendaire de 2016, par un fasciste dérangé qui cria “La Grande-Bretagne d’abord” lors de l’attaque. Pour un homme aussi puissant, Boris […]

Populism In Manchester

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boris Johnson was simply being himself at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. Full of energy and wild metaphors, he captured an already captive audience, sent Jeremy Corbyn into orbit and got Brexit done. All this, and more, with a panache that Cyrano de Bergerac would have been proud of and a sense of optimism […]

Franglais De Naissance – George Ou Georges?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Un article paru dans le journal britannique “The Observer” présente un documentaire réalisé par le journaliste et producteur français Benjamin Carle. Dans son documentaire, il tente de se mettre à la place d’un Anglais pour voir ce qu’il aime à propos des sujets de sa gracieuse Majesté et savoir s’il peut se considérer comme un […]

The Brexit Fundamentalists


Reading Time: 4 minutes Populism and dogmatism have replaced empiricism and pragmatism, leading to an ideological frenzy, the perpetrators of which are in a constant civil war with their opponents. It is a psychodrama that has cut through political divides, carved apart families and neighbourhoods, to finally break its way through to the very top of the State and […]

Three Men In A Vote – Cameron, Johnson, Gove (And Larry)

Reading Time: 4 minutes If we are going to play a blame game like David Cameron does in his memoirs, I would personally blame Mrs Pickleworth who lives in Sunderland, and the people like her who voted Leave in a frenzy of anti-European fantasies. She has never held a UK passport because the furthest that she has travelled is […]

Operation Yellowhammer: A Hitchhiker’s Guide To No-Deal Brexit


Reading Time: 5 minutes The leaked Yellowhammer report evokes “EU exit fatigue” but it is the English who are tiresome.     “Readiness will be further limited by increased EU exit fatigue caused by the second extension of Article 50” How my heart bleeds for the English who having been knackered by a farcical referendum and exhausted by negotiations […]