Reflections (2) – Lockdown


LOCKDOWN   A particle so small, shaped like a crown. A disease threatening to bring us down. And yet, in the distance, I find hope, a brilliance. I will march on into the daylight, I will endure and fight. Togetherness from you, is what I need, And on your love and compassion, I feed. The […]


As I look into her eyes, Noticing the reflection of her soul, I fear the worst has yet to come, When our gaze will part, When our hands will lose touch. How fragile we are, How ephemeral our lives, When mother nature decides it all, When the violent rain and hurricane winds Let us know […]

Niña perdida de Siria

Niña perdida de Siria, Tu corazón brilla como un diamante Lanzando su hechizo en la tormenta del desierto, Derramando sus lágrimas sobre las pisadas hojas de hierba, No pediste nada y obtuviste menos. Tu amor brilla a través de una piel oscura Tu alma, atrapada en tiempos difíciles, Sin saber si escapar o quedarse, Busca […]

The Lost Girl Of Syria

Lost girl of Syria, Your heart shines as a diamond, Casting its spell in the desert storm, Shedding its tears over the trodden blades of grass, You asked for nothing and obtained less. Your love shines through a darkened skin, Your soul, entrapped in troubled times, Not knowing whether to escape or stay, Searches desperately […]

El Paso And Dayton

The running of blood, The shedding of tears, Escaping from the fear of those left behind, To never see again, to love no more. The evilness of a stray bullet, The madness of a look, That look of anger, Dissipating all that is human, Dissolving all that is tolerance. The dismembered souls of those, Weaving […]