Ann Widdecombe – Science May Cure Being Homosexual But Brexit Won’t Cure Being British


Reading Time: 3 minutes Ann Widdecombe’s rant at the European parliament was just about par for the course for someone so openly patronising and who firmly believes that science has the cure for homosexuality. I am all for vivid analogies, strong language, and somewhat controversial views. God knows my posts do tend to ramble on with poetic soliloquies and […]

Connaissez-vous l’histoire d’une anglaise, d’un français et d’une irlandaise?


Reading Time: 3 minutes Non, avant que vous le demandiez, ce n’est pas l’histoire de l’anglais, de l’écossais et de l’irlandais dans un club, où l’anglais voulait partir et ils ont tous dû rentrer à la maison. C’est l’histoire d’une (ancienne) Première ministre britannique, d’un négociateur français et d’une frontière irlandaise. Tous trois ont attendu près de deux ans […]

Brexit Musings (44) – Mister Johnson, I Presume?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We have just been traversing a terrifying jungle ridden with dangers and now come face to face with an unexpected creature who is just waiting to finish us off. He answers to the name, Mister Johnson. Is it just possible that Mister Johnson represents the missing link between the rational and the irrational? Or am […]

Citizens In Distress – The Mental Strain Of A No-Deal Brexit


Reading Time: 6 minutes If we reflect on the situation of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU-27, nothing has really changed since the referendum vote three years ago. Although an agreement concerning our fate was reached in December 2017, it very much depends on the whole withdrawal deal being accepted by Westminster. This is […]