Film Review: “Disobedience” – Hashem Help Me!


Reading Time: 4 minutes Film title: Disobedience (2017) Director: Sebastián Lelio   Disobedience is a compelling and beautiful film relating the transgression of two women in a more than conservative society run by men and religion. Nothing new you might say, but that is what makes the film even better. It is a drama that anyone can relate to […]

“Arcade” – Les Douze Points De La France Vont Aux…Pays-Bas


Reading Time: 2 minutes Arcade est une histoire sur la recherche de l’amour de votre vie. C’est l’espoir pour la chose – parfois – inaccessible. – Duncan Laurence   L’amour a toujours été pour moi la plus grande des affaires, ou plutôt la seule. – Stendhal   Que puis-je dire quand la France donne aux Pays-Bas “douze points” mérités? […]

City End Up 32 Points Ahead Of United


Reading Time: 2 minutes   For City, it’s no longer a question of being “noisy neighbours,” as Sir Alex Ferguson famously said. No, City have sold their house and gone to live in a neighbourhood that United simply cannot afford.        Well, I’m relieved that I didn’t have to hide in the downstairs cupboard like I did […]

No City Jitters Whilst In The Kompany Of A Hero


Reading Time: 3 minutes Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany (Getty Images)     Baring the unthinkable (City 2-1 down at Brighton and Liverpool 1-0 up against Wolves, in injury time) Manchester City are going to win their second Premiership on the trot, on the final day of the season. A repeat of 2012 next Sunday would be unwatchable for […]