Why Can’t I Be A Famous Moronic YouTuber?


Reading Time: 8 minutes I used not to mind YouTubers. Now I do. I suppose that I’m just jealous of a YouTuber who has 6 times more followers than inhabitants in the Netherlands.   The bottom line is that I’m probably jealous of every single YouTuber. How I would love to have 98,457,085 subscribers to my blog. I’ve given up […]

How An Airline Makes It Crystal Clear That I’m A Loser!


Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you noticed how when you board the bigger inter-continental aircrafts, you always have to go through the business class before you take out your reading glasses to evaluate the smallness of your economy seat that you cannot find in the first place? I have my own theory on this, a theory that is mine […]

If Climate Change Doesn’t Kill Us, Selfishness Will


Reading Time: 5 minutes Having had an umptienth encounter with human selfishness, a recurring question haunts my mind. Namely, why are people so selfish and inconsiderate towards others? It’s a rhetorical question in a way because I already know the answer and, if I think carefully about it, I am part of the question. But the more I think […]

Film Review: “I Am Mother” – When A.I. Meets Immanuel Kant


Reading Time: 2 minutes Film Title: I Am Mother (2019) (Netflix) Director: Grant Sputore   I’m not really a science-fiction fan and you can probably count the number of sci-fi films that I actually enjoyed and/or understood, with the fingers of one hand. My list is finite but does include Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters which is certainly one of […]

Why Do People Comment On A Post They Haven’t Read?


Reading Time: 3 minutes When going through my site’s statistics, I came across a surprising fact concerning the behaviour of those who, according to the numbers, visit pages that contain my latest posts. According to the statistics that are provided by the hosting site, for every 100 visitors, 86 remain on the page for no more than 30 seconds. […]

Mon Trésor Inca


Reading Time: < 1 minute Je t’ai vu traverser la neige fragile, Je t’ai aidé à franchir le lac de cristal. Et lorsque tu t’es approchée de moi d’un sommet andin, Pour me balayer de l’océan sans fin, Comme un message dans une bouteille, Comme un trésor sur un bateau, Une pépite d’or provenant des Incas, Tu me laisses saisir […]

Nous Devons Tous Faire Comme Charlie Hebdo


Reading Time: 4 minutes Pourquoi j’ai quitté plusieurs groupes Facebook   J’ai écrit beaucoup de choses à propos du Brexit. Pas étonnant, je suis un “Franglais” né à Londres, ayant vécu en France, et vivant depuis 20 ans aux Pays-Bas. Pas étonnant, non plus, que j’ai pleuré comme une madeleine le lendemain de ce scrutin malheureux du mois de […]