A Nous La Petite Anglaise: La Djihadiste De L’Hotel ISIS


Reading Time: 4 minutes L’encrier de Charlie Hebdo à peine vidé à ce sujet, voici que la Cours pénale internationale de La Haye (CPI) (rien à voir avec Brigitte!) tient sa première candidate pour passer devant les tribunaux. Dans son coup-de-gueule intitulé, “les djihadistes, dans quel bac?” Gérard Biard a fait référence au rôle que pourrait jouer la CPI […]

Charlie’s Angel – Zineb El Rhazoui And The Fight Against Fundamentalist Islam


Reading Time: 5 minutes   Zineb El Rhazoui’s views on the problems that we face, concerning the effects of religion on society, are very close to my own. Namely, it is the interpretation and application of written texts and superstitions as a political doctrine that cause problems. For the former journalist at Charlie Hebdo, even a recipe book can […]

The Living Dead (1): Victor Hugo – “The Last Day Of A Condemned Man”

Reading Time: 7 minutes   Anthony Charles Graves (born August 29, 1965) is the 138th exonerated death row inmate in America. With no record of violence, he was arrested at 26 years old, wrongfully convicted, and incarcerated for 18 years before finally being exonerated and released. He was awarded $1.4 million for the time he spent imprisoned, and the prosecutor who put him in prison was […]