EUROPE: Les Cinqs Salopards Du Brexit Et Les 17 Millions d’Abrutis Qui Les Ont Crus!

J’ai fait exprès d’incorporer le titre du petit commentaire qui est apparu dans le Charlie Hebdo du 20 mars dernier, et qui faisait allusion à cinq petits chenapans qui ont fait chavirer tout un pays. En fait, le Royaume-Uni – et plus précisément l’Angleterre – n’a fallu qu’un petit coup de pousse de nos salopards pour […]

Meet The Five Bad Boys Of Brexit

The latest mishap to hit Theresa May’s vision of Brexit tells us one fundamental truth. It’s a truth that none of us men can escape, and may be hard for us to swallow. The fact is that it’s always women who are asked to clean up after we bad boys have left a dreadful mess.  […]

Brexit Musings (42) – London And Brussels Get Their Wires Crossed Over A Faulty Extension

The original extension Can someone help me with understanding the extension? I thought that I was quite knowledgeable about Brexit, having been upset, angry and frustrated for two weeks after the referendum that I couldn’t vote in, having worried for 18 months about the continuing validity of my qualification, having been forced to spend money […]

Brexit Has Become A European War Of Religion


The latest ramblings in the House of Commons just serve to emphasize what we already knew. Brexit has become a European war of religion. Like the Roman Catholics and the Huguenots, the Tudor conquest of Ireland, and the 80 years war in the Netherlands, Brexit is a religious war where dialogue is just not possible. […]

Returning Jihadists Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity

Shamima Begum deserves, like all Jihadists, not a criminal court hidden somewhere in the centre of London, but one that reflects the universality of the crimes she supports.      Europe faces a problem not only with migrants from worn-torn Islamic countries, but with returning Jihadists who, technically at least, are still European citizens. It’s an […]